Askura Alexander Shkuratov RUSSIAN SONGWRITER

Alexander publishes own albums on the World market under the name Askura Alexander Shkuratov. In Alexander’s creativity you will find variety of musical styles:  World,Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop, Chill Out, Techno, Dance, Pop, Ballades, Christian, Art, Symphonic music, etc. This unusual occurrence when one Artist works practically in all musical genres.It is interesting to Alexander to work in different stylistics as the world surrounding us is diverse and not a one-face. If you love the World, so you love Music.The artistic career of Alexander Shkuratov has started in 1985.In 1985, he established a music group “Attraction”. In 1986 he has recorded his first solo album (“Melody” records 1,5 million copies) From 1986 to 1992, he had published 11 albums at Melody records. “Attraction” has toured a lot throughout Russia and Europe. We opened the doors to the Uncertainty.

Album “1st English in USSR” (Classic Rock 80s)

The first album in English in former USSR! (This was in the year 19… of our great age. In 1989, a group was representing Russia on the international festival of pop rock music “Midem – 89” held in Cannes (France). During the tour to Germany, Alexander has signed a contract with Köln radio (WDR). Rock-ballad of Alexander Shkuratov “The land of sand” was on the top the chart on Swedish radio (Stockholm) and was holding first positions in the hit parades of various European radio stations.Alexander Shkuratov cooperated with famous American composer Michael Stoller (songwriter of the legendary Elvis Presley) on a joint project of Russian and American composers under the name “Music is stronger than words”. 

In 1991 Alexander has established music theater “Thriller” and starts to work on the big show “Nightmare” – Video review. The troupe was arranged from musicians of the «Attraction», stunt men and dancers. A wide selection of decoration work was done including scene decor, original costumes, moving constructions and flying mystic personages. The latest technologies were used in production. Alexander Shkuratov has personally executed all the script, music and production work. Oleg Raitsin was staging all the dance performance. Alexander was opened a new direction in musical theatrical show. He created mixed rock music band and dance group with circus performers (acrobats, eccentrics, gymnasts) and stuntmen. And also, Alexander was first who used the production department of fantastic characters and moving mechanical constructions that are usually applied only in the movies. Was first used three tiered the stage on which to work together: musicians, dancers, circus stunt. The play opened on February 1992  in the sport complex «Olympic» in Moscow (5 fully booked concerts with the audience of about 150, 000 people). This show was broadcasted over the Russian national channels, and national television of Israel, Germany, and Japan. In 1994 Alexander composing music for the documentary film about Israel, he has met a world-famous pop star Ophra Haza and her manager Alony Betsalel. Later on they have introduced Alexander to the Europe music market and after that his solo album “From nowhere” was published in Europe 1995 and which to this day is successfully realized all over the world. “From nowhere”

was published in Europe 1995 and which to this day is successfully realized all over the world. In 1994 Alexander has released the symphonic album “RECOVERY”,

And after a high recognition of the famous Israeli conductor Noam Sherif, this work was included into the broadcasts of the national symphonic radio channel of Israelis. Alexander works as a music producer for the famous Russian artists: Natalia Vetlitskaja, VARVARA, Irina Saltykova, Angelika Agurbash, etc. Also he creates the new album of the group “Attraction”. He has released  solo album “Night Moscow” (R&B, 90s)

In 2005 he made the work on his second album “ASKURA” – “Enjoy my God”.

Alexander Shkuratov’s solo album “It was in Hamburg” (Blues, 90s).

This album is executed in English, the songs which composed and have been recorded in Hamburg.

In same time Alexander has finished the work on his next album “Porridge” (Techno, 90s)

With A.Shkuratov’s song “Boys and Girls” A. Agurbash has won at the Belarus National competition the Eurovision 2005. (The Song has been written to memory of tragically events in Beslan. Russia.)

2006 – A creation of a spiritual unique album “10 Revelations”

on Jesus Christ’s Bible Words. The musical material is executed in modern stylistics that allows the author to draw attention of young generation to the Word our Jesus Christ’s Sirs.

Now the new album “Sight from Russia” is created.

(World – Ethno – Pop – Meditative). It is the fourth album from series World the project “Askura World”.

Album “Power & Glory”.

ROCK-TRASH-TECHNO-PSYHOThis album is composed, played and recorded by one man Askura Alexander Shkuratov. At listening this album the sensation is created, as though you on Live Performance.  The multi instrumentalism in genre Rock is incredibly, but it’s a fact.

Альбом “TO THE LIGHT” – 2007

World – Ethno – Pop – Rock- Progressive. This Album is logic continuation of the previous four albums of the project “ASKURAWORLD”: “From Nowhere “, “Enjoy my God”, “10 Revelations”, “Sight from Russia”. True Music has been given to Mankind by Divine Heavens. The most complicated mathematics of Music is woofed from Thin Energy of the Universe and Given to People in the Blessing. Each Person has the Sound Individual Frequency. Each Person is a Part of the General Musical Harmony of the Universe. The UNIVERSE SOUNDS! Learn to Be in Harmony beautifully with the World. Sound your life by Music of Your Soul. And then You Change your Perception of Space and All Your Illnesses Will Disappear. The Musical Energy you have chosen will create for you a Comfortable Background of the Life and will give a New Sense in Comprehension of People surrounding you and Things.Be like Music and World will Hears YOU!

Album 2010 “DARK or LIGHT”
World Music /Rock Progressive /Ambient / Experimental

Askura Alexander Shkuratov

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