Come on Sunday

July 22, 2017

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The song “Come on Sunday” – album “It was in Hamburg” – music, lyrics, arrangement, multi-performance – Askura Alexander Shkuratov
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музыка, слова, аранжировка и исполнение Askura Александр Шкуратов

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Композиции из альбома “Это было в Гамбурге” (IT WAS IN HAMBURG) – 1993г.  Музыка, тексты, исполнение и продакшн – Askura Александр Шкуратов. Женский вокал: Татьяна Шкуратова.

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“Вставай и Иди” (Get up and Go)

Музыка, слова, аранжировка, исполнение, автор сценария,
аудио и видео продакшн
– Askura Александр Шкуратов.

Illusions of Freedom (Иллюзии Свободы)
The song “Illusions of Freedom” – music, lyrics, arrangement, multi-performance, music & video production created by Askura Alexander Shkuratov

Thousands of years we live in the darkness, in the flow of total lies. Look around – the blood and war. A bunch of demons wreaking havoc in the world and destroys our planet. Countrys in ruins – Suffering lawlessness. Get out of box in reality. We live in an illusion of freedom. We must understand the situation in the world. Danger threatens all of mankind and we are no exception, but we should not serve them. No Battles – no Victory.